Title: CONTESTED_CITIES. Contested Spatialities of Urban Neoliberalism: Dialogues between Emerging Spaces of Citizenship in Europe and Latin America.
Funding entity: European Commission
Funding period: October 2012 – September 2016

CONTESTED_CITIES was a scientific exchange and research programme amongst the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), the University of Leeds (UK) and six Latin American partner universities from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico, lasting from October 2012 to September 2016. It addressed the field of critical urban studies and focused on comparative research on the variegated processes of gentrification in Europe and Latin America, as well as on contestation against contemporary ‘neoliberal’ urban politics, with a special focus on struggles for adequate housing and the right to the city.

CONTESTED_CITIES triggered special attention to the production of socially and politically relevant knowledge, by bringing together scientific debates with the discourses of policy makers and those arising from urban social movements. It pursued the implementation of visual methodologies as a tool to socialise the findings of urban research beyond academia. Moreover, it contributed to the dissemination of science via Internet and social media, motivating critical reflections upon urban policies in, but also beyond the participating cities and countries.

CONTESTED_CITIES published 44 journal publications, high impact factor articles and participations in edited volumes and other independent publications, as well as five Working Paper Series with more than 340 single articles. It created a network of practitioners, academics and social movements who widely interact through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Its website and social media accounts have become a reference for scholars who are interested in gentrification, displacement and urban contestation.

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