EU FICO – Resistance and Community in Vila Autódromo

Tíitle: EU FICO – Resistance and Community in Vila Autódromo
11.54 minutes.
[2014, in Portuguse language, with English and Spanish subtitles]
Direction y production: Jorge Sequera y Michael Janoschka.
Post-production: Rouven Rech

EU FICO analyses the struggle of the inhabitants of Vila Autódromo, a neighbourhood next to the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, against their forced eviction, illegal and only grounded on real estate speculation and punitive public policies. It documents the multiple abuses of the State authorities against a community that for many decades peacefully lived in this place and had been granted legal rights to stay put. The documentary, filmed in June 2014, proves evidence of recent exclusionary mechanisms of urban development in Brazil. However, Vila Autódromo can be considered also a persuasive example for the resistance against gentrification, displacement and dispossession that is taking place in Latin American cities, and fill us with hope that world-wide solidarity may achieve another city than that foreseen by real estate markets and politicians. .

The documentary was developed in the framework of the CONTESTED_CITIES project and gives insights into the comprehensive audio-visual production about urban conflicts in European and Latin American cities developed by the network.